A map of Countour and Highlight areas

Everyone is contouring!!!! What does that even mean?!?  Contouring creates a sculpted look that can help your nose appear slimmer, your cheekbones more sharp and your forehead smaller. Highlighting is the opposite of contouring. Instead of adding shadows, you’re adding light to the face. When you add a highlights to the face, you are “pulling it forward” and making the area appear more prominent.

Basic tools you will need to make this happen:

Bella Terra’s Face Brush for contouring, foundation, blush and blending, The Face Brush delivers ultimate precision and versatility. The densely packed hair and structured shape achieves flawless dimension along the cheekbones, forehead and jawline. Perfect for using with pressed or loose powders, liquids and creams to create beautiful sculpting all over the face. Check it out here : The Face Brush

Bella Terra’s Mineral Bronzer When it comes to contouring, the most basic contour product is a powder bronzer. To define and soften the profile of your face, glide your brush across your jawline. If you are concerned about double chins, sweep the contouring bronzer under the chin to create a slimming shadow. See the shades: Mineral Bronzer

Bella Terra’s BB Cream Now for the highlighting. BB Cream should be applied above the bronzer and never come into contact with the powder. Think about where the sun would naturally fall on your face and using your fingers, pat and blend the cream into these areas.  Applying a little BB Cream in the corner of your eyes will make you look more “wide awake”. Get it now: BB Cream

A map of Countour and Highlight areas
A map of Countour and Highlight areas

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