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9-Stack Shimmer Kit Lets You

Create the Perfect Look for Eyes, Lips, Nails and More

This resourceful 9-Stack Shimmer Kit has everything you need to create 6 different beauty products:

  • Creamy Eye Shadow
    Moisten the Shadow Brush with a drop of water to create richer, more intense eye coverage.
  • Matte Eye Shadow
    Use the Eye Primer to transform the shimmer powder into a matte shadow.
  • Lip Color
    Mix the shimmer powder with the clear Lip Gloss to create 9 custom, high- shine lip colors.
  • Eye Liner
    Wet the tip of the enclosed Eyeliner Brush into the shimmer powder and apply around the lash line for high-intensity eye definition.
  • Eyelash Color
    Sprinkle shimmer powder on the wand of the Mascara for amazing eye-intensifying lash shimmer.
  • Nail Color
    Add shimmer powder to the Nail Polish for a unique nail color that matched your eye shadow.