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BB Cream

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Bella Terra’s 3-in-1 BB Cream acts as your daily moisturizer, foundation and concealer by moisturizing, blending, and protecting against aging free radicals with one application!
Get a lightweight, flawless finish while the formula works to fill in fine lines and wrinkles over time and protect your skin for a more youthful appearance. It’s silky finish will leave your skin feeling luxuriously pampered with coverage that will last all day.


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33 reviews for BB Cream

  1. Susana

    I love how this cream makes your face looks like. Very soft, and, at the same time, good foundation

  2. Carolyn

    I was wonderfully surprised at how smoothly it went on and how well it covered and how natural it looked.

  3. Alejandra

    I would like to say that this is a nice flawless bb cream the only thing I didn’t like us that the light was defently to light for me but it’s ok I’ll use it as a night time moisturizer and I’m buying another one medium for day time use. My skin color is not to light but not to dark it’s in between hope this helps for others trying the same product.

  4. Prncez

    Flawless to the touch looks unbelievable!!! This is definitely my favorite. The color runs light FYI

  5. mariah

    Best ever!!!!

  6. jessica

    I love how it makes my skin look!(:

  7. Yaya

    This bb cream is very silky. It makes your skin glow and offers great coverage. The down side to this product is that they told me it would be perfectly fine for oily skin. Wrong!!! After only a half an hour after aplying my full makeup, my natural oils started coming through the makeup. So much that i kept applying powder every 20 minutes or so. I felt i looked so ridiculous. The only reason why i didnt remove all the makeup then and there, was beacause i suffer from hormonal acne. At that point having bad makeup was better than no makup at all. The sad part is i kept begging my husband for the whole makup bundle which was over about $200. Now i feel guilty about making him spend that much when the most i would spend on a foundation is $22. Sigh!! Oh well!

  8. niv

    wow great product. easy to use and give you amazing result.

  9. Amanda

    Great product. Covers anything perfectly and the best conceler I’ve been using. I also use it as my moistorizer and it keeps my skin soft for the whole day! Very recommended and use the powder foundation above that, even better coverage and helps me to get rid of oiliness in my skin. And the most important part, it does not break me out! LOVE IT!

  10. Michelle

    Great product. Covers anything perfectly and the best conceler I’ve been using. I also use it as my moistorizer and it keeps my skin soft for the whole day! Very recommended and use the powder foundation above that, even better coverage and helps me to get rid of oiliness in my skin. And the most important part, it does not break me out! LOVE IT!

  11. Patricia

    such a great product. covers great and leaves amazing feeling. the skin is so silky and smooth. happy with it!!

  12. Magy

    I love how this products looks on my sis-in-law. I definitely want to try it. But, is it oil-free? Does it work good for oily skin?

  13. Kariina322

    This has the most amazing coverage for any imperfections you might have. It blends very easily and you only need a small amount. I would purchase this again but the price seems a little too excessive. Other than that this is an excellent bb cream.

  14. Kariina322

    This stuff is amazing! It covers dark circles and past acne scars wonderfully! A little also goes a long way! The only slight problem I have is that the bottles don’t show your shade number. Other than that this is a must!

  15. Deborah (verified owner)

    Really enjoy the BB cream.
    Your web site, not so much. I just want to buy my make-up and move on.

  16. Anne

    I have just received my BB Cream – Mid Tan, it is like silk to apply, fabulous coverage, love it..I have a summer tan right now, so its problably a little on the light side however I just added a light dusting of Maple mineral powder on the top and its perfect Only wished Bella Terra shipped direct to New Zealand

  17. Staci

    A lady stopped me at a mall Kiosk to try this make up. When she told me the price I was like !?!?!?!? No thank you, but I will stick to my good reliable original bare minerals (which is always the go to). My skin has always been a pain, severely oily and greasy and no matter what I do, shine brilliantly after a couple of hours, very sensitive and easily dries out. Two things happen with my makeup, (and i have tried everything from IT cosmetics to Revlon) either it ends up pulling together on my face and caking, or is runny and glowing with oil. I had this BB Cream on for a few hours, and of course had no high hopes, as, it is plain make up, who cares. But I underestimated too much. I went to the end of the day, 8 hours, examined myself in the mirror and was in shock. Shocked. Because my face looked smooth, no freakishly huge open pores caked with paste, no shine, no oil. Nothing. Just a natural smooth, matte, beautiful complexion. I never even washed my face in at all that day. I know there is a review here about not preventing oily skin, and I am NOT saying that can’t happen, but it never did for me. But for someone whose acne is not so hormonal and more unhormone related, it works. This makeup works. This make up restored my faith. Worth every penny, except I got P off because I was out of state, but worth every cent.

  18. Em

    I too was approached at the mall and it was a day I had no make up on lol…. I was not wanting to be bothered but what the heck!
    She was nice bit pushy and I needed to feel pampered at that moment ! She got to the point and was applying the cream and I was amazed !!! I’m a true fan of the product!!! It’s a long lasting cream in application and wear…. GET IT !!!! You won’t regret it!!! Love love love this product ….

  19. Kris

    I tried this makeup in a mall kiosk over a year ago and fell in love with the look it gave me!! I took a leap of faith buying products I hoped I could apply as well as the makeup person did. Getting ready is now quick and easy and the product lasts a long time. But I do have a problem with not knowing the color name of the BB Cream and now I have to reorder it and I don’t want to make a costly mistake!!

  20. Betsy

    I was approached by a representative at the mall, and since I was looking to try something new (I was turning 40 and my current make-up suddenly started causing break-outs) I let her do her thing! I was really impressed by how natural my skin felt with the BB cream on. It doesn’t look or feel oily or cakey, even at the end of the day. I don’t have to use concealer or powder any more–the BB cream does it all! And best of all, I have had no more issues with break-outs since using it! I just wish it was cheaper!

  21. Sweets

    Love the coverage and feel but won’t buy again because it’s too expensive.

  22. Swain G

    I usually never make eye contact with the representatives at the mall. This time I got suckered in and the man recommended a BB cream in medium. I thought ok, let’s let him do his thing and then I’ll leave. But after I saw the application, I instantly said let me get it! I was wearing IT cosmetics’ CC cream prior and this BB cream put it to shame. The mark up price on this product is obviously ridiculous but they say they give you a “discount” to make you feel better. Haha. Yea, ok. But regardless, great coverage and I was left with great looking skin until I washed it off after midnight. Excited to put it back on in the morning!

  23. Leanna (verified owner)

    The absolute best bb cream I’ve ever used. Yes it’s pricey, but well worth it. I stock up when they have their half off sale. I’ve tried many many others, this feels like silk going on your face, it’s so light it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing makeup. And the coverage is amazing!

  24. PomMom

    Love this product but please help us with the high cost!!!

  25. Lizzy

    I was, like most ladies, approached at the mall by one of those mini stores (you know those carts that be sitting in the middle of the aisles in the malls). The lady was kinda… pushy (I was pressed for time to an extent) but I figured what the heck let me take this 10 maybe 15 minutes to hear her sales pitch. Well here I am buying more. I’m normally not a makeup kinda of woman (I’m very fair skinned & it’s hard to find foundation shades) but I’ll definitely be wearing this foundation. Thanks!

  26. Cookie

    As i was shopping at First Colony Creek Mall in Houston Tx,i was approached by a young man who was very nice & excited to show tell me all the benefits of this product,at first I was very cautious of his sells pitch ,but once he proceed to take my current makeup off and show me how these products actually work,once he was done with my mini make over,I was Amazed at how great my skin felt &looked!!!I was sold in the BB cream!!Are these sales people a bit aggressive Yes but honestly I’m glad I gave him the opportunity to show me ,also the brow liner,blush&bronzer looked beautiful as well!!I feel the need to give Tzah(my makeup artist/sales man)a huge thank you!!!His conversation throughout the process took my mind off the time it took to show me these great products!!!!I’ve shared my results with friends &family the money spent is well worth the benefits of these Simply amazing products…Will definitely continue to purchase from Bella Terra again ,each day my skin looks better & feels better !!!Im one very happy customer!

  27. jaz

    i love this bb cream is the best ✔️

  28. Wanda

    I love this foundation. I am over 70. Everyone thinks I am much younger.

  29. Wanda

    I love this foundation. I am over 70. Everyone thinks I am much younger.

  30. Evelyn

    I like the product it’s a very good product , theu attended me very nice.

  31. DJ

    The Bella Terra BB Cream is the best makeup I have tried in 50 years of wearing makeup. It isn’t heavy, goes on easily, covers wrinkles and makes my skin feel and look smooth.

  32. PrettyGhoul

    I really love the feel and coverage of this BB Cream makeup. But omg you guys need lighter shades! It’s too dark for me, so I have to blend in other makeups to lighten it, which I prefer not to do. I’ve tried other BB Cream brands but still like the feel of the Bella brand best. I’m really hoping your developers realize that there are truly fair skinned people out here who need much lighter shade options.

  33. Juana

    Yo compre esta BBCream en el mall de Arlington Tx, ya tengo 2 meses usandola y hoy estoy buscando mas productos de la misma marca, ya que esta me ha dejado mas que satisfecha!

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