Mineral Foundation

Mineral Foundation

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Correct, protect and treat with a truly all-in-one multi-tasker! All natural mineral pigments easily blend into skin while providing natural sun protection. Mixing minerals with moisturizer or eye cream creates a quality spot or under eye concealer.

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65 reviews for Mineral Foundation

  1. Jodie

    wish they were still sold in australia best mineral foundation ever.

  2. Jennifer

    I went to one of your Kiosk in the Mall of Georgia and was charged 99.99 for this foundation. I feel scamed! Makes it hard to enjoy the product.

  3. Victoria

    I love how it matches with my skin so well and I can use it for a concealer,foundation and a press powder! I am a woman of color and it is just amazing and refreshing to find a product such as this that will not ruin my skin.

  4. Jasmine

    this is an awesome dark circle concealer for under your eyes!

  5. Dolores Hernandez

    Love the Mineral Foundation…price is to high for me. . I bought the Foundation at the mall and it was less than what I will pay by ordering on line. I finally found a foundation that covers my vitiligo, which is hard to find.

  6. Emily Ann

    I break out very often and have very dry and oily skin. My skin was terrible. I was stopped by a lady working at a Bella Terra kiosk at the mall the other day and she talked me in to purchasing this mineral foundation. I was skeptical at first as I have tried various products, and though it was a bit pricey compared to what I usually spend on foundations, I thought “eh, what the heck.” and decided to give it a try. Three days later I am happy to say I am more than satisfied with this product! I love it so much I threw away my store bought liquid foundation! It did a great job covering up my acne spots and gives my skin a beautiful glow. I also don’t have to worry about my make up not matching the color of my skin, which was quite embarrassing. I LOVE this product!!! You will not be disappointed!

  7. Martha

    I had never tried powder makeup because i have a lot of scars on my face and they usually dont cover good enough, but this one does without even putting a lot. I love it. And my skin doesnt break out anymore like it used to with liquid makeup. i completely recommend it 100% Even though it is quite a bit it lasts forever and is well worth it.

  8. Heather White

    I suffer from acne….so finding any makeup that can conceal, not feel heavy and not break me out has been almost impossible! This foundation is my miracle! Our makes my skin look healthier…I’m not breaking out abd it is covering beautifully…love it!

  9. Judith

    My very first mineral foundation and I “wow” have I been missing out!! I damp the primer brush with cold water and mix it with the minerals to make a great concealer blends well. I use the bronzer brush and buff it to my face/neck. Not cakey at all. Leaves skin extremely soft.

  10. Julia

    I have a lot of acne and oily skin, and even though I workout, clean my skin, etc. it still happens. With this makeup I can cover up my acne, and since it doesn’t clog my pores my acne got better too.

  11. Rebecca Magana

    I love this makeup!! It makes my skin looks natural and flawless.

  12. shantel love

    I think I should receive discounts on my foundation as often as I buy

  13. jenny

    It feel light, covers amazing and it last all day!!

  14. Cheryl Maracic

    I accidently came across this product in 2009 while holidaying in Nashville TN. I live in Australia, on the coast in the state of Queensland (it is knick named “the Sunshine State”). Due to Living here, I have very badly sun damaged skin. This is the best product I have ever used. It gives me good natural coverage and I feel good when I wear it. I have been a Cosmetician and sold many brands of cosmetics, Bella Terra is the one for me now. I buy online and normally buy a supply to last 12 to 18 months. My mother now uses it too.

  15. Dawn Wilson

    I purchased this product in the cherry hill mall in New Jersey . Marcus was my sales person. My I say he was FANTASTIC!!! I am not a daily make a wearer only on special occasion , and have be using sheer coverage mineral foundation and blush. I like it . I have had the same make up for over 6 years:( needless to say ,Marcus use the make up on my face . WOW!!! I haven’t felt this pretty since my wedding day 20 years ago! I bought everything. Thanks

  16. Dee

    Great coverage, doesn’t feel like your wearing anything

  17. Christine

    I am obsessed with this product!

  18. Meredith Velasco

    I sat down to try the mineral makeup and it was very smooth. I have tried other makeup and it did look natural and did not come off when I put a hand towel to my face. I was truly impressed. Thank you Avi

  19. Stacia

    This foundation is hands down the best! I have melasma and nothing works to cover the discoloration as natural as this foundation does! It also stays on and feels so lightweight! There is never any residue like other oily foundations leave on my phone screen. I have had clear skin and it stays protected as well! My sister and mother-in-law now addicted to it, too!

  20. Beth

    It’s a little pricey, so I can’t always afford it when I run out, but it’s the best mineral foundation I’ve ever tried. It actually covers rather than just adding a faint color like Bare Minerals and other mineral foundations.

  21. Brittany

    I love the powder but I can’t afford to keep getting it. But it does work well!

  22. scarleth

    gives a flawless finish, can go all day with this on and it doesn’t come off. I’ve got really oily skin so some shine does come through but nothing like any other foundation I’ve had before. IN LOVE.

  23. Alejandra

    I love the way this feels on my skin super flawless I have oily skin and it’s unbelievable how my face feels after a long day at work highly recommend it:)

  24. Erica

    I’ve used liquid foundation for several years, but for the last year or so I’ve been using this and I wish I had found it sooner!


    Two years ago I was in the search of a good mineral makeup brand. I was stopped in the mall by a saleslady of Bella Terra who begged me to try it on. I caved, and she did a face makeover for me. And was I shocked!!! The foundation is just AMAZING! It works as a foundation, concealer, highlighter. I love it! Yes it is a bit pricey, but I have had 2 refills in 2 years, it DOES last a year! And you only need a little bit each time! I am allergic to alot of other cosmetic brands, and I can tell you, I would be so lost without this brand. Bare Minerals still made my skin feel dry and pastey even after applying moisturizer and primer. I have very dry skin, and I still can use this foundation with just moisturizer, without even a primer! You gotta try the foundation and even the eyeshadows! The pigments are sooo rich, I dont think I can ever go back to regular eyeshadow. Love love love!

  26. Misstacia

    I have oily skin and I love how the oil doesn’t show though. My skin is even toned and it doesn’t come off on my clothes. I love this product and will continue to buy it!

  27. Vera

    I have used numerous brands of foundations in the past and they never give the coverage I expected. Especially with the advertising saying the product gives a beautiful glowing, perfect coverage and flawless looking skin, they never did. When I found this foundation, it was the very first time I had complete coverage and it is so light as if I had barely put any makeup on at all. The amount that is used to cover is minute to the amount I have to use from other brands. I found the perfect makeup!

  28. Silvia

    I’ve already used mineral foundation, bare minerals and sephora, but they don’t have such a great coverage as this one has!

  29. E

    Fantastic coverage, flawless finish, great for an all day wear. It is pricey but I had this for almost a year and a half. Most people i know have it for over a year at least. The blush will last you for 3 years if you’re careful. This is the best mineral foundation Ive used.. Highly recommended!

  30. Elizabeth

    This foundation, in my opinion, is worth the $60 paid (it’d still be nice if it were cheaper :P). It lasts all day and protects my face from the oil and salt at work. (I work at McDonalds. So. Many. Fries.) It’s also the first foundation that I’ve found that doesn’t go flaky or just ‘weird’ on my face and it matches my skin tone, I’m definitely not the palest out there but finding foundation has not been easy, especially one that covers up the redness in my face by what I consider to be a reasonable amount. (I use green primer for the rest :P) I was concerned at first by how orange it looked in the container, (it’s still a little too orange for me to use as concealer though) it’s definitely not orange when applied though. It’s not for those who want a heavy coverage, but great for those who just want a light – medium coverage.

  31. Skylar

    I LOVE Bella Terra, but it’s sad that I can only purchase 3 products every 6 months due to it blowing my makeup budget. I am an Esthetician and I love that this is Bismuth free as that is a common ingredient that causes itching which I am prone too. I would have everyone I know using this if I knew they would all pay this price point. I think the mineral foundation should be $50 and the eye primer….well although it is a FABULOUS product it is definitely over priced.

  32. Casey

    I love it! Best mineral foundation out there- very good coverage that feels super light. Very pricey- I stock up when I see a Groupon for it.

  33. Fabiola

    in love with these foundation

  34. Angela

    Great product, but expensive.

  35. Faith

    I don’t even feel like I am wearing makeup, yet provides the coverage I need. Love it!

  36. veronica

    I love it. I’ve never felt like I have looked better in any other makeup. Even after I take it off my skin feels great . I love the blush as well. Its a bit pricey but I wouldn’t want to go back to other makeup now that I have found this.

  37. Sunshine

    I keep trying other mineral foundations, but always come back to this one as it has a flawless finish & doesn’t leave my face dry, & i love that it is all in one & doesn’t require different steps to work right.

  38. newtobella

    I was stopped by a young lady while walking through the Memorial City Mall today and was suckered into allowing her to tell me about Bella Terra. She was an amazing sales person but I don’t feel comfortable paying 60 for something I don’t even know will work long term with my skin. She offered me the 60 dollar pot for the price of the smaller 39.99 pot and I got it in Ivory. She also told me that she would throw in the 50 dollar bronzer brush at her cosmetology price of just 10. She did the water proof/sweat proof demo and it stayed on the face and the coverage was nice and made my face feel as if I was not wearing any makeup. I then stopped by Sephora for a few mins to use a gift card I had for there and then walked out to my car. A total time of less than an hour and my forehead makeup was running down my face with sweat. When I blotted it with a tissue, the foundation came off and showed streak marks running down my nose. I took it off sitting in the parking lot before I left. All within an hour. I felt as if I needed to go in and get a refund since I noticed that the company is located here in 80% humidity Houston where I am as well. I think that they should not offer it up as sweat/water proof to the degree they are doing because it ran like it was in it’s own marathon! Feeling only slightly suckered because I didn’t have to pay full price for the foundation and brush, I will give it a few more tries but even with amazing sales people, the product needs to live up to what those sales people are paid to promise.

  39. Shidnya

    I knew “Bella Terra” when I was in Ireland for an holiday.
    A promoter adviced me to try this mineral foundation and the maked-up all my face; since that period I’ve fallen in love with this product!
    I remember it cost €60.00 (in a shopping centre in Dublin), but at that time I was a student there (I studied English for 2 weeks in a college) and the promoter discounted me it, so I paid just €35.00.
    At first I wasn’t so convinced, but it took just twice and I’ve started to love it!

  40. Very bless

    been using this makeup for over 4 yrs I ve tried other but this is the only one that look natural and good coverage . I started using when was made by different maker ! I am also yellow bone black girl and it’s hard to find make up that look natural !

  41. Kerry

    This foundation is amazing. I stock up when there’s a sale and it lasts a long time so I feel the value is excellent. Great coverage that looks natural. I’ve tried other high end mineral foundations and none have measured up to this one.

  42. allee1985

    I found a kiosk in Houston, I was skeptical about getting the make over but I’m happy I did. Bella Terra Cosmetics is my ultimate favorite makeup. My foundation made my skin look flawless. I’m having to restock now, but let me say I bought it 3 years ago and its just running out and I wear it everyday.

  43. heather

    It’s a little expensive but definitely worth it. Absolutely love this makeup!!

  44. Kendra

    By far the best makeup i have ever used! it covers amazingly and looks so natural

  45. Erlindaajuiccy

    This had been by far the best make up I have ever used!!!!

  46. ladybird77

    I have been using bella terra for years now. People are always asking me what makeup I use because it makes the skin appear flawless. I think the key is to use a little to go a long way….

  47. Khaleesi01

    I have tried other high end makeup. None of them can compare to Bella Terra. I have lupus so I have to watch what I put on my face. I have only two problems. It’s a little pricey and more than that I cannot find it anywhere here in Houston Texas. If there is anyone out there that can give me information on where I can purchase this, I will be very greatful. I really don’t want to buy it via internet.

  48. Karen

    This is the best foundation for older skin, I have some wrinkles and this does not accentuate them, but makes my face look smoother. I have tried other make up brands even more expensive this is the best for the money.

  49. rita

    This is the first time that someone got it right thank you so much I really love the product thanks to the person who did my face dekel-jacob

  50. Hazel

    Anyone with acne should try this product because not only does it cover it up very well but it actually reduces the size in just one day! I’ve tried so many products for acne or even makeup thats supposed to help your acne and none have worked like this. And this isn’t even for that! I think it’s the minerals that are great for you skin! And it’s also light and lasts throughout the day. Whether you have acne or not this is a great product. It’s worth the price. But whatever you do, don’t buy it at the mall unless they make a deal and give you a discount because they do charge more.

  51. SARAH

    I got it in Houston Texas, and I am so happy that guy stopped me. For sure the best makeup I used, a bit expensive but absolutly worth every dollar. I love it.

  52. NIKKI

    I really love how the makeup makes my face feel, so smooth so thin, it gives perfect coverage and looks great. And never had such a good buying experience. Thank you guys!

  53. Jane

    I just love that makeup.

  54. ZomBae

    Was stopped in the mall and glad I was. Pola did my makeup and I got foundation in latte and the bronzer brush and I’m so happy with my purchase. It covered my acne scars and so Light weight. Feels like I’m wear nothing!

  55. Hawraa

    I was stopped at the woodlands mall by a very nice young lady and she took half of my makeup off and used the bella terra to show me the difference. Amazing! ! I love it! Great coverage, feels natural. I’m glad glad she stopped me. Thank you Anita!

  56. Kay

    Price isn’t too cute, but this foundation hides my redness! I don’t have acne so I couldn’t say it helps that. It lasts all day, sometimes I’ll end up shiny but it doesn’t build up too bad if reapplied. Smooth finish, not too matte. Good coverage. Good amount, lasts me a long time for the price. Not heavy!

  57. Ann

    A salesman at a kiosk at the Galleria smooth-talked me into letting him put some of this product on me. At first I was annoyed with myself for getting talked into falling for a sales pitch, but in the end I really liked the look. I’m 65 and have pretty good skin for an older woman, but Bella Terra does not settle into the fine lines. Instead, it gives a very smooth, polished look that evens out my skin tone. I tend to look very ruddy, and it tones down the redness. when I started to balk at buying the powder, the guy threw into a couple of brushes and that sold me. I plan to re order online when this supply runs out.

  58. Miss beans

    I was convinced once Jonathan MADE me let him try it on my face. He took off my liquid foundation and re-did my make up for me. Even gave me a lot of good tips for taking care of my skin. I’m in love with this make up

  59. Nisey

    I’ve been using Bella Terra for a few years and I love it! Leaves my skin with a natural smooth glow. I get compliments all the time. Covers blemishes well and washes off very easily. A little expensive, but lasts a long time, so it’s worth it.

  60. Nisey

    I’ve been using Bella Terra for a few years and I love it! Leaves my skin with a natural smooth glow. I get compliments all the time. Covers blemishes well and washes off very easily. A little expensive, but lasts a long time, so it’s worth it.

  61. Noel

    I was stopped at a mall kiosk in Fort Worth Texas in 2009. Normally I blow those people away but I had not tried a mineral foundation yet and was curious. I loved it! the coverage is great yet feels so light on my skin. I mix with my moisturizer some days when I want just a bit of coverage. This product is so versatile. Easy to apply and lasts All day!

  62. Yaz

    I first started using this because I was stopped at one of the malls. Since then and it has been 3 years I have used no other foundation. I order online when they have good deals as it is a bit pricey. I order nutmeg, but sometimes I feel a different color would look better. It might be nice if they list comparisons to help better choose. Overall I will continue to purchase from here, I’ve even invested in the pore toners and cleansing creams. Amazing products. Foundation is so smooth with great coverage

  63. cherie

    Was on vacation a few Years ago and a Person in on upscale Mall in Houston pursued Me to let him do my Makeup. I fell in love with this Product because it looks awesome on so natural.

  64. Misty Blue

    This is the best makeup I have ever purchased. It’s great for sensitive skin and blends well! I get so many compliments! I have been wearing this foundation for 8 years and will continue to be a loyal customer. 10 thumbs up!!!

  65. Annie

    I will admit that I only buy this when it is on sale, but I have to say this is a beautiful foundation. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Makes my skin look flawless and amazing and I always get compliments on my skin (NOT the makeup!) so that says a lot. A good brush is a must; but once you learn to apply it correctly for your skin, it is truly a game changer when you have a ruddy complexion like I do. Highly recommend!!!

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